Blue Streak offers custom website design for your business as well as provide maintenance and hosting.
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Individuals
  • Professional Services
  • Business Organizations
  • Non-Profits

Everyone's needs are different when it comes to what they want and need in a website so we have three options (listed below) to choose from. As with our photography, we will work to fit your budget, giving you the best options available. Let us know what we can do for your business!

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Afs Co Maple City Grand Prix
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Arnett Construction Northern Indiana Pop Warner
Baker Ag Services Sunflower Fair
Greater La Porte Chamber of Commerce Valparaiso Pop Warner

Why do you need a website?

You have a product, service, or information that you would like other people to learn more about and you want this message to be displayed in an attractive and accessible way to your users. A website has become a great way to accomplish this goal efficiently and may be the most powerful marketing tool your business has. We can provide you with everything you need to get started, or to improve the web site you already have.


  1. Your competition is probably already on the web.
  2. The internet is where consumers now look for their product needs.
  3. More cost effective than newspaper, radio, yellow pages or TV.
  4. Make changes as your company changes instantly.

What will the design cost?

A well designed site, even at a higher dollar amount, can often provide the best value. Since image and functionality goes a long way to "selling" the customer - you'll want to utilize the best tool you can afford. Unlike print advertising, your website is accessible virtually 24/7/365. You'll want to get your website done right the first time.

We offer 3 different design options to meet your needs:

  • Classic website - gives your visitors an idea of who you are, with a modest design (ex. home, about, small photo gallery, contact). $350-$500
    ex. LR Clothing Co
  • Mid-range website - gives your visitors a more in depth look into your business with the ability to showcase some of your work/products (ex. photo gallery, calendar, events). $500-$900
    ex. Sunflower Fair
  • High-end website - gives your visitors a look into all the services you provide with the ability to sell your products online, add events and specials, add several photos and links, interact with your customers, and more. $900+
    ex. Greater La Porte Chamber of Commerce

We also offer web hosting and maintenance!

If you're interested in a website but are not interested in maintaining it or aren't sure how, we can make these changes for you. We can update and maintain your website at a rate much lower than it would be to hire a new staff member to do it for you.

Everyone that has a website needs a web host. As a web host, we make it possible for your site to be accessed by everyone else. Hosting is the space you will pay to have your site on the Internet, so others can see and use your web pages.

When you're looking for someone to host your website, typically you will be paying either a monthly or yearly recurring fee for a web hosting account. We offer monthly, yearly, and 2 year hosting subscriptions. Our monthly hosting fee is $24.95, however if you choose the 1 or 2 year plans, the fee per month is less.

Why choose Blue Streak?

We specialize in creating custom websites for small to medium-sized businesses, individuals and organizations.  We do not provide cookie-cutter templates for our clients' websites because you wouldn't want to be browsing the internet one day to find your web design with another company's information.  Realize that you will be counting on and giving the responsibility to us to develop your company's online image. In many cases, when a visitor arrives at your website, it may be the first time they have become aware of your company or organization. The first impressions you make to your visitors will greatly influence your potential customers' feeling about the quality of your products and services. Click on the links above to view samples of our work.

The single most important factor to getting your website project completed promptly is to be prepared yourself. You should be ready with your business plan in mind, and have content ready and available to provide to us (or know the type of content you want) before you give us a call. This will not only save time, but will help give us a better idea of what you want so we can provide you with all the information you need should you decide to work with us.

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